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Artist Statement

Art making is my escape into the exciting realm of creativity where visual arts training and years of experience merge to form what feels like a totally spontaneous force. 


Drawing, printmaking, painting, even creating wire reliefs are among a variety of media that delight me.  As I bend and twist wire, or apply brush and pencil to paper and canvas, my tools suggest what is needed.  I comply and revel in progression of the piece.  Missteps along the way are a certainty and jolt me into greater awareness, reevaluation, and the opportunity to lovingly guide the work to a solution often more meaningful than I anticipated when the creative journey began.  The process is a lively, delightful endeavor.  


As many of my abstract creations transition well to textiles, I now develop designs for wearable art and home fashions. My products are US and Canadian based as I work with Le Galeriste, a rapidly expanding, forward-looking company that strongly supports their artists. Our beautiful materials are washable, vegan and wrinkle free. Please see my Le Galeriste website at


I find great satisfaction in creating art, especially when a project is completed and I have met a new creative challenge.  People often say, in regard to my fine art and fabric applications, that my art makes them “happy.”  In a time when so many speak of being stressed, it’s good to think I provide a pleasant diversion into the vibrant world of art.

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