Artist Statement

Art making is my escape into the exciting realm of creativity, where visual arts training and years of experience merge to form what feels like a totally spontaneous force.  I enjoy exploring in a variety of art media and believe this strengthens an artist’s overall creative abilities.  My current focus is on abstract acrylic painting.  Spontaneous splashes of color, intricate patterns and curvaceous, flowing lines are signatures that help viewers easily identify my artwork.

Bringing life to a work of art is an intimate adventure for the artist and her materials.  I begin work with a brush in hand, but the painting soon dictates what it needs; I listen, respond, and delight in positive progression of the piece.  Missteps along the way are a certainty. They jolt me into greater awareness, reevaluation, and the opportunity to lovingly guide the work from a potentially disastrous path to a solution more meaningful than I anticipated when the creative journey began.

There is great satisfaction in this art-making process, especially as a work is successfully completed and I have met another creative challenge.  Viewers and patrons perceive my joy in this process, as many say my work makes them “happy”.  In a time when people often speak of being stressed, it’s good to think I provide a lighthearted escape, as well as an opportunity to view and own original art.